I started my #Entrepreneur carrer more than 7 years ago, looking for solutions that help to improve the quality of life of the citizens living in metropolitan areas around our #BeautifulPlanet far away from #NatureWisdom.


And that is how this dream began #FlorDePiedra more than a brand name is a lifestyle that brings to our daily life the magnificent of the #SustainableLanscapes customized to  reduced spaces in our homes and workplaces.


#FlorDePiedra the expression of your #NaturalFreedom 


Juan Luis Flor de Piedra 





The first goal for our R&D deparment  was to provide a new system for #VerticalGardens:

  • Manufactured 100% with #RecycledPlastic.
  • Low water consumption and low maintenance requirements.

Once the final product tests were done we launched to the market the first version of our #MiniGreenWalls interested in go to gallery click here ) made to take #Nature to our #PlanetPeople.


         #FlorDePiedra  made to #SaveThePlanet !




As the company become more and more stronger the market demanded us bigger projects. On December 2014 it was installed our first #GreenWall.


Dreams come true!


From that moment to  nowdays we are welcome with hundreds of clients for giving us the opportunity to take the #NatureSpirit to their favorite places developing Urban #JungleGardens (click to gallery) in our country of origin, xico.

As  our experience in the #UrbanGreenAreas has increased with the years our organization #FlorDePiedra has evolve to a #SustainableLandscape research center, that way we enrich our contribution to the World; integrating us to the new #GreenGeneration committed to #SaveThePlanet  from the current #EnviromentalDegradation .


Our cosntant Investigation allow us to generate #EcoCool information useful in #NatureEducation and #NatureAwareness shared through this website and our social media:

We can not be more excited to transmit the sensation of freedom that #NatureEnergy is capable to generate in our lifes improving our #HumanSpirit since we recognized us as part of  All the beings interacting in our #GreenPlanet.

What about society? We look forward to have a real global #SocialImpact building an international red of partners who share our #NaturePassion and would like to help the people incorporating nature in their lifes.

Urban Landscape Solutions and Sustainable Technology to transform or polluted cities in #JungleCities already exist! Would you like to see some examples? click here to visit our gallery.


As the #NatureFriendly LifeStyle is becoming more popular more hands are needed around the world trasnforming the metropolitan areas in #SustainableEconomies.

Are you a #GreenCitizen or #GreenEntrepeneur looking to make our world greener? Contact us! Let´s talk how we can make it together.


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