¿Did you know that taking care of your Green Areas helps you to boost your Immune System?

Our immune system is the one on charge to protect our body from virus and bacteria. The analysis of different researches have been published for more tan 25 years supporting the “Hygiene Hypothesis” that demonstrates how our health improves when we are in contact with soil due to its microorganisms: the biological material that contains our Mother Earth DNA and it is the principle of life in our planet. It has been demonstrated that children growing in rural areas have lest probabilities to get sick because of allergies and asthma thank you to the impact of biodiversity in our immune system performance.


It is important to improve the air quality that we breath in our homes and workplaces to prevent respiratory diseases with indoor plants that work as air purifiers, humidifiers and oxygen suppliers. We can take advantage of any space installing planters, pots, green walls even recycled glass bottles can be useful to bring life to our rooms. The Green Areas also keep our mind relaxed and stress free with a positive impact in our body and vital functions.


There are plants that have special properties that boost our immune system, some of them are oregano that is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibiotic recommended for respiratory diseases; thyme that can be used as biocide capable to attack bacteria and it is very helpful as remedy for sore throat and bronchitis; dandelion is another excellent antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiviral herb that grows free in in our gardens. Sage, chive, peppermint, and basil are more examples of plants that can help your immune system and keep us healthy.

In Flor de Piedra we love to transform our client´s favorite spaces in Living Areas that´s why we have developed our consulting service to help you to improve your life quality fulling your spaces with #GreenHealth, harmony and peace. Our Mother Earth gives us everything to keep our body, mind and spirit in good shape, trust in Nature as your partner in this dream called life during your travel through our amazing Planet Earth!


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Juan Luis Flor de Piedra




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